The hidden REF will open for submissions on 14 December 2020 (see the timeline and sign up for email updates).

The problem with recognising all research is that no one knows which research outputs need to be collected to recognise everyone’s contribution. We started with the non-publication-based categories from the current REF (categories L to V) and then asked the research community to nominate new categories (categories 1 to 10) that would allow hidden research outputs to be submitted. The result is the Hidden REF categories, as described in the table below.

Further details about the category can be found by clicking on its title in the table below (the entire list is also available as are example submissions).

Nominate a great colleague

This category allows you to nominate a person whose work has been instrumental in the conduct of your research. You may wish to talk to the person you are nominating and allow them to review your nomination to ensure that you have described their work accurately.

Category no.Title
1Hidden Role

Nominate your work

These categories allow you to nominate any work that contributes towards research success, but which is not best represented by traditional research outputs.

2Training materials and courses
4Citizen Science
5Enabling access to facilities
6Community Building
LPhysical artefact
PDevices and Products
FPatent/Published Patent Application
NResearch report for external body
OConfidential report for external body
HWebsite Content
QDigital or Visual Media
SResearch Datasets and Databases