Get involved

The hidden REF is challenging preconceptions about which roles are important in research – and this is no small task. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can help.

Raise recognition

The more people that know about the hidden REF, the more likely we are to succeed.

You can help by raising recognition of the campaign at your organisation and with your contacts. You can follow us on Twitter and retweet our announcements, you can raise awareness through talks, meetings or announcements at your organisation. If you would like materials for presentations, then please get in touch.

Sign up for updates

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Become a Supporter

If you represent a community of research professionals, like our Supporters, and you would like to join the hidden REF, please get in touch.

Sponsor the hidden REF

We would like to do more than just recognise the contribution of people who take part in the hidden REF. We would also like to award prizes! If you would like to sponsor the campaign, please get in touch.

Volunteer your time

We’ve got a big task ahead of us, so there’s always plenty of room for contributions from volunteers.

You can help us understand the way in which research is recognised by conducting studies and reviewing existing sources of data. You can also help with running the website, with design, publicity and promotion, and with the analysis of new categories and other suggestions made by the research community. If you’ve got an idea about how you could contribute, please get in touch.

If you would like to volunteer, please leave your details below.

We're looking for a range of people to help us run the hidden REF competition. You can help with everything from running the website, to organising panels, to understanding the research landscape.

Volunteer for a panel

All submissions to the hidden REF will be judged by a panel of experts once submissions close in February 2021. We need people to help participate in and chair these panels.

If you have expertise in one of the submission categories, and you can commit to read 10-30, 300-word submissions in March 2021, you can volunteer to take a place on a review panel. We expect competition for places on the panels, so a committee formed from our Supporters will select panelists and panel chairs from the volunteers.

The competition for panellists will be announced on the hidden REF mailing list and Twitter.