The hidden REF will open for submissions on 30 November 2020 (see the timeline and sign up for email updates).

There’s plenty of work to be done before that date!

The main problem with recognising research is that no one knows what research outputs need to be collected to recognise everyone’s contribution. For this reason, we’re asking the research community to suggest ideas for categories that we should assess. Popular ideas will be included alongside the categories below.

The table below lists the non-publication-based categories used in the REF (more detail is also available), which we’ve used as a starting point. Since then we have added new categories as discussed in this post.

You can suggest a new category, suggest a change to an existing one or even argue that it should be removed. Every month we will list the changes that the community have suggested and run a vote to see whether the changes should be accepted. In this way, we hope to have the right categories, or at least a considerably better set of them, when submissions open on 30 November 2020.

LPhysical artefact
PDevices and products
FPatent/published patent application
NResearch report for external body
OConfidential report for external body
HWebsite content
QDigital or visual media
SResearch datasets and databases. Data and metadata standards
1Training materials
2Technicians (people category)
3Professional Services (people category)
4Research Citizenship
6Citizen Science
7Facility Time Allocation
8Community building

Suggest a new category

With this form, you can suggest a new category that should be added to the hidden REF competition.

What shall we call this new category of research output?
Why should we include this output category? How will it improve recognition of people who work in research? (No more than 200 words please).
We don't need a comprehensive answer, just some ideas (100 words max)?
This is not mandatory, but it allows us to contact you if we need more information about your suggestion.

Change an existing category

With this form you can argue why an existing category should be changed or even removed from the competition.

How would you like the category changed? (200 words max).
This is not mandatory, but it allows us to contact you if we need more information about your suggestion.
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