What is the Hidden REF?

In our new video, you can hear about the Hidden REF and why we’re running the competition from some of the committee behind it.

Last chance to celebrate the staff the REF doesn’t reach

Andy Dixon is keen on the goals of the Research Excellence Framework, but joined the Hidden REF because it is both a serious and playful accompaniment to the REF proper, providing an alternative lens through which we can explore the potential future for research assessment. Read the full article on Research Professional.

Hidden REF and the importance of software

Mike Croucher writes in the MATLAB community blog about the Hidden REF and the importance of software in research. Anyone who has worked around academia for a long time will tell you that there are many roles in academic research that are vital-but-unrecognised.  Software development used to be one of them!  Back in 2012, a…

Hidden REF Flyer

The more submission the Hidden REF receives, the more evidence we have to campaign for a better and fairer recognition in research. If you are contacting the people in your department, group or community to tell them about the competition, we’ve produced the following flyer to help communicate the important facts.


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