Q&A – unpacking the secrets of the hidden REF

Simon Hettrick, the Chair of the Hidden REF, together with Tony Roche, Emerald’s Publishing & Strategic Relationships Director, dives into the reasoning behind the competition and the need for a radical shift in research culture. Read the article at Emerald Publishing.

The Hidden REF is open for submissions!

We are open for submissions! The more submissions we receive, the more evidence we have to campaign for broadening the research community’s definition of what it means to contribute to research. Good luck!

There’s more to research than publications

Research is built on more than publications, but success is still measured primarily by them – as this chart based on data from REF2014 illustrates. This is why we need the Hidden REF: to recognise all research outputs and the people who create them (and, if you’d like to investigate, here is the data).


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